We ARE the Starrs.  Dancing became a part of our lives in the summer of 2001 when our son, Ryan Starr, was nearly 15 and his grandmother asked if he would learn to dance so that she would have someone to dance with at their upcoming 50th anniversary party. He agreed to give it a try and it quickly became a passion to share it.

Ryan's introduction to dance changed his life in so very many ways. He loves nothing more than sharing his love for all forms of dance through group and private lessons, dances, and performances at private parties and his own summer programs. His interest in the nearly lost practice of chivalry or gentlemanly conduct still encouraged in ballroom dance inspired us to seek out the National League of Junior Cotillions to begin a North Idaho Chapter.  Operating from 2005 to 2019, Ryan taught young people customs, courtesies, and character development and introduced them to ballroom dance life skills

at the same time.

Just a few years ago while watching a video with friends we discussed the dancing in the Jane Austen videos we had seen (Pride and Prejudice - the five hour version, Emma, etc.) We all agreed that the dances looked simple, fun, and allowed for interaction socially between young people without too much inappropriate familiarity. It also emphasized the chivalrous conduct that Ryan likes to teach. After hours of research he was able to collect hundreds of dances dating back to the 14th century and recorded music which fits each dance specifically. This has opened the way to a new passion which we named "Olde English Dances" (see a video under that title on the selection bar below) Since he was given property in Scotland for his 21st birthday in order to appropriate to him the title of Lord (or Laird in Scotland) he can now invite folks to participate in the Olde English Dances as a formal invitation from Lord Ryan to a dance at his country estate. Costuming is encouraged but not required for these fun times which generally occur every three to four weeks.

Training in ballroom required a lot of travel but Ryan spent his money on training with the best of the best all around the country. From Canadian Champions to World Champions, even the father of Lindy Hop himself, Frankie Manning. Ryan never missed an opportunity to learn from the masters. He competed in American style and International style over a period of 3 years.

Ryan's Accomplishments:

Championship competitor 2003-2005

More than 60 first place awards in competitions across the nation.

First Place in USA Dance National Championships 2004 Bronze Syllabus American Style Smooths

First Place in USA Dance National Championships 2004 Silver Syllabus American Style Smooths

First Place in USA Dance National Championships 2004 Bronze Syllabus American Style Rhythms

First Place in USA Dance National Championships 2004 Silver Syllabus American Style Rhythms

First Place in 2005 Seattle's Quest for the Best Championship Level 5-Dance Rhythms

Ryan then began teaching social ballroom dancing in April 2005 and has taught more than 425 students (from 5 to 85 yrs old), from the Palouse to Bonners Ferry, even Missoula, Montana to Colfax, Mead, and Deer Park, Washington.   Instructing youth in 5th grade and up in etiquette, ethics, and ballroom dance for the National League of Junior Cotillions, North Idaho Chapter, from 2005-19.

Classes range from $10-15 per person per full hour for group rates. $60 per hour for private or semi private lessons at your place or ours (2 hour minimum if we have to travel more than 10 miles).

Choose from American Style Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Peabody,Swing (Single, Triple, Hustle, West Coast, Carolina Shag or Lindy Hop), Mambo, Merengue, Salsa, Night Club 2 step, OR International style Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, or Quickstep.

Choose from competitive or social dance styling. Learn "lead and follow" cues so that you can dance with anyone and look like a pro. Learn in a very non-threatening, supportive environment with other fun-hearted people. 

Where can you USE these skills once they are learned?

There are opportunities to dance around every corner and once you are on our email list we will let you know about performances of live bands to dance to in the area, as well as concerts in the park during the summer that welcome dancers to join them. We will keep you updated on classes, ask you what you might like to learn or how we may better serve the dance community along the way. It is our desire to provide opportunities for students to learn and grow in dance while you make new friends and challenge yourself to take on new life skills.

 Stay in practice and get exercise that is fun, working your mind AND your body. Studies have shown that people who dance are 80% less likely to suffer from Alzheimers as they age. They regularly exercise their entire body and it shows. You will meet the nicest people on the dance floor, too. An Italian study showed that heart patients who spent just 20 minutes twice each week waltzing were in better health after six weeks than those who had done the same amount of time on a treadmill or stationary bicycle. Dancing is good for spirit, soul, and body and will enrich your lives in countless ways.

Dress code for the ballroom:

It is our desire to make this experience pleasant and enjoyable and to add to the ambiance by expecting others to dress as if this were a special occasion to enjoy such a facility at such a reasonable price and in the company of such great people as those who join us each week.

For dances: (No jeans or t-shirts please)

Men wear dress slacks, shirts with a collar, and bring clean, dry dress shoes (street shoes should be removed upon entering)

Women wear knee length or longer dresses or skirts, dress pants, tops should be conservative in design and keep you covered in movement.

Bring clean, dry dress shoes,preferably dance shoes with suede soles

(no street shoes, please)

You may dance in your stocking feet at your own risk but please, no bare feet.

For classes: (Not as strict as dances---

jeans and t-shirts are allowed)

NO short skirts unless with leggings(skirts should still be at knee length or longer and undergarments should be adequate for spinning) Same conservative design on tops as above.

Your consideration on these desires is most appreciated.  Thank you.

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